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On this page for English UAE language voice over, you can see a range of professional English UAE voice over talents, voice actors and voice artists. Our voice over professionals are the native speakers of English UAE language and are born and living in United Arabic Emirate.

In English UAE language, we have narrators to record elearning content, storytellers for narrating audiobooks & audio guides, casual and serious voices for commercials, pleasant and warm voices for conveying telephone messages and corporate voices for presentations. In United Arabic Emirate, Voice Ocean LLP has got tie-ups with professional recording studios with a set-up of recordists, sound engineers and dubbing directors to carry out big projects of movie and series dubbing.

Voice Ocean LLP also provides script writing and script adaptation in English UAE language for United Arabic Emirate.

Writing a script which is accurate, tight and conveys the message with no loose ends is always a challenge. The challenge increases manifold if the script is a technical one. Scientific and medical scripts are the most difficult ones to write; especially if one is not well versed with the finer nuances of the subject. But over the years Voice Ocean LLP has risen to meet the challenges of any requirement of written material of any kind; advertising material,  corporate audio visuals, industrial films, training films, medical films or documentaries of any genre.